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Bella ♥
19 October 1988
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is it pretentious to have a bio consisting only of lyrics and poetry? oh well. don't you know who i think i am?
so you want to be an artist, want to be a singer, want to be remembered for what you could create

Oh is this the way they say the future's meant to feel?
Or just 20,000 people standing in a field.

I'm nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?

Don't get offended
If I seem absent minded
I get tongue-tied

And if a double-decker bus
Crashes into us
To die by your side
Is such a heavenly way to die

You told me you wanted to eat up my sadness
Well jump on, enjoy, you can gorge away

You'll never fumigate the demons
No matter how much you smoke

Did you see the stylish kids in the riot?

We're the litter on the breeze
We're the lovers on the streets

Then they played that song at the death disco
It started fast but it ends so slow
And all the time it reminded me of you

High on diesel and gasoline
Psycho for drum machine
Shaking their bits to the hits

So we'll go no more a-roving
So late into the night,
Though the heart still be as loving,
And the moon still be as bright.

Oh my friend you haven’t changed
You're looking rough and living strange
And I know you got a taste for it too

Is it worth the aggravation to find yourself a job
When there's nothing worth working for?

I'll be waiting in the photo booth
At the underground station

It's all these words, ideas and different arguments
Someone's always talking when I try to make some sense

Well I've been sitting here for hours, baby
Just chasing these words across the page

Rent a flat above a shop
Cut your hair and get a job
Smoke some fags and play some pool
Pretend you never went to school

Don't trust art
Don't trust culture

I'm all tuned in, I see all the programmes
I save coupons from packets of tea
I've got my giant hit discoteque album
I empty a bottle and I feel a bit free

For sweet, to feel is better than to know,
And wisdom is a childless heritage,
One pulse of passion-youth's first fiery glow
Are worth the hoarded proverbs of the sage:
Vex not thy soul with dead philosophy,
Have we not lips to kiss with, hearts to love, and eyes to see!

But if you've lost your faith in love and music the end wont be long

Is it so wrong to crave recognition?
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